Weight Loss: This Vibrant And Vegan Salad Is One Stellar Diet Essential To Consider

This salad could be an ideal addition to your weight-loss plan


  • Weight loss could be an overwhelming affair
  • Salads can be super fun and yummy too
  • This salad is rich in fibre

Fresh and vibrant salads are all the rage in the world of health and nutrition. For the longest time, salads were viewed as bland and boring, but with a surge in salad and raw food cafes, one is warming up to the idea of eating healthy. Salads, if made right, can be a beautiful medley of all things nutritious and nice. Veggies and fruits of our choice tossed in a pool of herbs and exciting dressings, salads can be so much fun.

This vegan couscous salad by Mumbai-based YouTuber Alpa Modi is ideal for days you want to eat something light, clean and flavourful. This salad packs the goodness of dalia, parsley, tomato, spring onions, cucumber, capsicum, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, boiled corns and boiled chickpeas. For the salad dressing, you would need extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper. This salad is rich in protein and fibre, both of which are very crucial for weight loss. They help keep you full, if you feel full, you are much less likely to gorge into anything fattening that comes your way. Protein also helps regulate your cravings. This salad could be an ideal addition to your weight-loss plan, if you are a non-vegetarian you can add chunks of boiled chicken.


Here’s the recipe video of the salad posted on the YouTube Channel ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’, let us know how you liked it in the comments below!







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