Weight loss: 7 easy ways to burn calories without even trying


Weight loss can be a big deal for many. From maintaining daily calorie intake to working out regularly, the journey can leave you exhausted and hassled. But what if we tell you that apart from maintaining a strict diet and exercising, there are many other easy peasy ways that can help you burn calories even without realising.

Here is a list of 7 such sneaky ways you can burn calories:

Cook your own meal

Cooking your own meal is not just hygienic, healthy and weight loss friendly but helps you burn more calories in the process. Take out 30-45 minutes to wash, chop, cook and clean before you sit down to eat dinner.

How many calories you can burn: 128 calories

Play dance video games

Who doesn’t love playing video games? You can choose to play dance video games or just dance on your favourite song for 20 minutes every day to burn calories even without noticing. You might even stretch if you love dancing.

How many calories you will burn:
107 calories

Scrub the tiles

Cleaning helps you burn more calories than you think. Scrubbing tiles for 25 minutes can help you burn around 107 calories. You can also play your favourite music and burn even more calories as you dance to the beats.

Stand up more

Most of us are too busy staring at our laptops for more than 8-10 hours every day. During these hours, we forget everything, even to pee. It is recommended to stand for at least 40 minutes a day. Take rounds of your bay, go fill your water bottle and clean your desk.

How many calories you will burn: 100 calories

Go out for buying groceries

Instead of ordering your daily groceries online, go pick them up yourselves. Believe us it would not take more than 30 minutes to do that.

How many calories you will burn:
100 calories

Laugh more

Studies say laughing can help you burn calories and it obviously reduces stress. Watch a comedy show, meet your friends or crack some lame jokes. Laughing for 20 minutes in total can help you burn quiet many calories.

How many calories you will burn: 100 calories

Carry a basket instead of a trolley in the mall

We all very conveniently take a trolley when we go to the supermarket to buy stuff. Picking up a basket instead of choosing a trolley can serve as a quick workout. Carrying a basket for 30 minutes shopping trip can help you burn around 100 calories.




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