4 Exercises To Tone Your Body From Head to Toe

When the calendar is jam-packed, it’s tempting to push exercise to the back burner. And while you may not always feel like working out, you should recognize that exercise benefits your health and overall life, so we all have to work towards making exercise happen on a daily basis.

To help you squeeze fitness into your crazy days, take a look at the super-effective 10-minute head-to-toe toner below. Use these moves to achieve the body you want in the time you have, which is not a lot.

This 4-exercise fitness program for women will make your heart race as you tone and tighten your body from head to toe. It’s a mix of muscular structure work plus a bit of cardio. This way, you’ll get more bang for your workout buck. Want speedier results (and a much bigger health benefit)? Just tack on an additional 15 minutes or more of high intensity interval workout, and watch your chiseled figure take form in no time.

1. Elbow Plank and Butt Lift


Start in plank with forearms on the floor, hands clasped and right ankle crossed over left (A). Bend right knee, approaching 90 degrees; engage glutes and lift right leg up (B). Release leg back to start. Do 30 reps.

Keep your body in a straight line, with hips in a neutral position.

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2. Hip Dip, Leg Lift

hip dip leg lift

Start kneeling, then lower forearms to the floor. With knees pressed together, twist waist to left, lowering left hip to the floor (A).Rise back to all fours, then extend left leg back and up (B). Return to all fours. Do 30 reps.

Try to extend the leg as high as possible.

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3. Alternating Leg Plank

alternating leg plank

Start in plank with body in a straight line from head to heels. Sweep left leg out to side until legs form a small split (A). Bring leg back in and down to the floor. Bend right leg slightly, then lift it up (B). Return to start. Repeat 30 times.

Engage your abs throughout the move.

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4. Balancing Leg Kick


Start on hands and knees. Bend right knee, lift shin off the floor and grasp foot with left hand, bringing it to butt (A). Release foot, then extend and lift right leg (B). Return to “A.” Do 30 reps.

This is a great stability builder.




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